Hello Runners of Dubuque!

The Dubuque Running Club is a group of local people who are committed to building a community of dedicated runners in the Dubuque area since 2012. We believe that nothing fuels our motivations quite like having the support of our friends on a weekly basis.

The MVRA has provided our community with a great organization to bring runners together for the best racing events in town. We want to contribute to this cause by providing a reason to get out and run with good company every week.

There is no fee to join, just simply show up for a group run to see what we're all about!

Whether you haven't been off the couch since last summer or you are training for your 10th marathon, the Dubuque Running Club has a place for you.

If you're interested in running with us, but are not sure if you're ready, please check out the following video on some of our members perspectives of the DRC:


2013 Gaelic Gallop

The Dubuque Running Club at the Run 4 Troops Marathon & Marathon Relay


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