Dubuque Running Club's Runner up!

Please welcome Jeff Tschiggfrie as we continue our Runner Up! Series

How long have you been running?

2 1/2 years

How did you hear about the DRC?

Was looking for some people to run with and figured Dubuque had to have some sort of group so I Facebook stalked. Found out Rob Hinton knew my brother and met him and away we go. 

Favorite running spot?

Probably Swiss Valley just wish it was a little closer in town. 

What are your current PR's?

5K- 22:50
10K- 49:21
1/2- 1:52:52
50K- 6:39
50M- 11:48

What are your future running goals?

I want that 100 mile finisher buckle. Would like to break 1:45 1/2 and 4:00 full as well. 


Anyone in the club you're looking to beat? :)

Cliche but just beat my own times and push myself farther and longer than I imagined I could. Otherwise I’d love to be able to beat Chuck one more time :)

A magical running beagle appears. He will grant you one running related wish, what is it?

Would absolutely love to do the World Marathon Challenge so if anyone has a spare $50,000 laying around let me know. 

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